CS 308 - Softwaretechnik I

This course teaches students about engineering methods and tools for team-oriented development of non-trivial software systems. In particular:

  • Software development processes
  • System and requirements analysis
  • Application design and system architecture
  • Software quality
  • Validation, verification and testing
  • Maintenance

The students learn about key technologies and processes of modern software engineering. After completion of the course they will be able to describe, design and develop complex software systems while accounting for requirements and risks common in industrial projects (e.g. quality, costs, deadlines, ...).



Language: English

Evaluation: written exam

Prerequisites: CS 302 - Praktische Informatik I, CS 307 - Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen, CS 304 - Programmierpraktikum I

Recommended: CS 305 - Programmierpraktikum II