CS 306 - Praktikum Software Engineering

This is the practical course accompanying Softwaretechnik I. It teaches students to apply their knowledge of the theory of software engineering by having them develop their own software system.

The students will receive a set of requirements for a software system just as if they were working on a real industrial project. Their tasks is then to produce a complete software system including a working implementation, a design document, etc. based on the requirements. The students will develop their own solutions in small teams. Each team will have regular meetings to discuss their progress and assign specific tasks to each student in the team.

The goal of this practical course is to gain a far deeper understanding of software engineering than is possible via studies of the theory alone.



Language: English

Prerequisites: CS 302 - Praktische Informatik I, CS 307 - Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen, CS 304 - Programmierpraktikum I, CS 305 - Programmierpraktikum II

Evaluation: written report, developed software system, team meetings, colloquia, practical exams, programming projects