CS 600 - Model Driven Development

The course focuses on the principles, practices and tools involved in advanced model driven development. This includes established modeling standard languages (e. g. UML, ATL, OCL . . . ) and modeling infrastructures (e.g. MOF, EMF, etc. ) as well as bleeding edge, state-of-the-art modeling technologies (e. g. LML, PLM ...). Key topics addressed include:


  • Multi-level modeling
  • Meta-modeling
  • Ontology engineering versus model engineering
  • Model transformations
  • Domain specific language definition and use
  • Model creation and evolution best practices
  • Model driven software development
  • Model checking and ontology validation

After taking the course students will be familiar with the accepted best practices and technologies used in mainstream model-driven development as well as state-of-the-art modeling technologies emerging from research institutions. Students will also know how to apply modeling technologies in real-world projects and will have the capability to analyse, understand and model complex systems.



Language: English

Prerequisites: CS 500 - Advanced Software Engineering

Evaluation: written exam