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E-Mail: klingert AT informatik DOT uni-mannheim DOT de

Short Bio

Sonja Klingert has been with the University of Mannheim since January 2010 as a researcher and local manager for the European research project (STREP) FIT4Green, All4Green and DC4Cities. She has been chair of the international workshop E2DC since 2012. Before joining University of Mannheim, she was coordinator of the European research project (STREP) GridEcon at the International University in Germany. Prior to this she worked as a researcher for the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany.

Her research interest is in eco-aware data centres (including demand response approaches, metrics), green business models, eco-aware contracts like GreenSLA and GreenSDA as well as eco-aware requirements engineering processes. Among others, she is chair of the international workshop series Energy Efficient Data Centres. S. Klingert received her M.S. degree (“Diplom”) in Economics from the University of Karlsruhe in 1996.

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Current Research Project

The goal of DC4Cities, the European project called "An environmentally sustainable data centre for Smart Cities", is to optimize urban energy consumption in data centers to become more environmentally friendly. Namely, data centres in Smart Cities shall be enabled to shape their energy consumption in a way that they can follow to a great degree (up to 80%)  the pattern of availability of renewable energy resources like sun and wind.

More and more often, Smart Cities need their data centers to be located inside the same region. Therefore, optimizing energy consumption of these data without degrading its environment, is a must. Based on this premise, DC4Cities links the  management of IT loads to the accounting of available renewable energy, enabling data centers to adapt their power consumption depending on of the amount of renewable energy available.

The GreenIT group within the Software Engineering Group among others is responsible for the requirements engineering process (work package lead), parts of the communication between the Smart City Energy Management Authority and the data centre and the organization of dissemination events like the 3rd International Workshop on Energy Efficient Data Centres E2DC 2014 as well as E2DC 2015.

The EU-FP7 project All4Green was launched in November 2011. Its goal is to establish a collaboration framework within the eco-system of energy provider, data centre and end-user.
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The EU-FP7 project FIT4Green aims at contributing to ICT energy reducing efforts by creating an energy-aware layer of plug-ins for data centre automation frameworks. More details...

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Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2015

  • in Kategorie 1 "Ideen & Forschung rund um das Rechenzentrum"
  • 2. Platz, Miteinreicher: Hermann De Meer
  • German Data Center Award in category 1 "deas & Research about Data Center", 2. Place, Co-author: Hermann De Meer






Conference Item



Conference Item

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Conference Item

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Research Paper


Conference Item

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Conference Item

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Conference Item


Conference Item

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Role as Chair:

1st   International Workshop on Energy Efficient Data Centres, E2DC 2012, Publication Chair

2nd  International Workshop on Energy Efficient Data Centres, E2DC 2013, Chair

3rd   International Workshop on Energy Efficient Data Centres, E2DC 2014, Chair

4th   International Workshop on Energy Efficient Data Centres, E2DC 2015, Chair

6th   International Conference on Future Energy Systems, ACM e-Energy 2015, Publication Chair


Part of Technical Programm Committee:


Role as Editor:

Jyrki Huusko, Hermann de Meer, Sonja Klingert, Andrey Somov (Eds.), "Energy Efficient Data Centres - Revised Selected Papers", Springer, LNCS 7396, 2012

Sonja Klingert, Xavier Hesselbach-Serra, Maria Perez Ortega, Giovanni Giuliani (Eds.), "Energy Efficient Data Centres - Revised Selected Papers", Springer, LNCS 8343, 2014

Sonja Klingert, Marta Chinnici, Milagros Rey Porto (Eds.), "Energy Efficient Data Centres - Revised Selected Papers", Springer, LNCS 8945, 2015

Andreas Berl, Sonja Klingert, Xavier Hesselbach-Serra, guest editors, "Special Issue on Energy Aware Data Centres: Architecture, Infrastructure, and Communication", Journal AdHoc Networks, 2015