Philipp Bostan

M.Sc. Information Technology (FH) Research Assistant

Coordinates: A5, B237

Phone: +49 621 / 181-3907

Fax: +49 621 / 181-3909

E-Mail: bostan AT informatik DOT uni-mannheim DOT de


  • Context-Sensitive Services and Service Discovery (SALSA Project)
  • Software Engineering for Mobile Application Development (GEM Project)
  • Service-Oriented Architectures / Service-Oriented Software Development


WS 04/05  
Tutorial for the lecture Software Engineering 
HS 06 
Seminar - Technologies and Frameworks for Mobile Business
WS 06/07 (Berufsakademie Mannheim) 
External lecture - Object-Oriented Software Engineering 
WS 07/08 (Berufsakademie Mannheim)
External lecture - Object-Oriented Software Engineering 
FSS 08
Tutorial for the lecture Software Engineering + Praktikum
HWS 08
Single lectures (Web Services, Semantic Web and Enterprise Service Bus) within the course Service-Oriented Architectures

FSS 09
Tutorial for the lecture Software Engineering + Praktikum