Dr. Oliver Hummel

former Junior Professor for Software Engineering with emphasis on Component-Based Reuse

E-Mail: hummel AT informatik DOT uni-mannheim DOT de

Since I have left academia this page will not be updated on a regular basis anymore. Some more information on me and my subgroup in Mannheim can be found on the website of my former junior professorship for component-based software reuse.

Brief Bio

Oliver Hummel was a Junior Professor (equiv. to Assitant Professor) for Software Engineering at the University of Mannheim from 2010 to 2014. From 2012 to 2014 he was on leave to work as an acting professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Prior to that he worked as a Postdoc in the Software Engineering group in Mannheim and spent a year in industry as a senior consultant for Dell-Perot Systems, Germany. Oliver holds a PhD degree from the University of Mannheim for his thesis on "Semantic Component Retrieval in Software Engineering" (supervised by Colin Atkinson, 2nd reviewer: Ivica Crnkovic) in which he developed an approach for test-driven reuse of software components. Oliver received a diploma (equiv. to M. Sc.) in computer science from the University of Kaiserslautern. The emphases of his studies there were on software engineering, embedded systems and information retrieval.
Oliver was an adjunct lecturer in software engineering at the Hochschule Mannheim (2007-2011) and also gave lectures at the International University in Germany (2005 & 2006).

Research Interests

Amongst others my research interests include:

  • object-oriented, component-based and service-oriented software development and development processes
  • software reuse, especially semantics-based component retrieval with test-driven reuse
  • software design (with patterns)
  • automated software engineering and CASE resp. recommendation tools
  • cost and effort estimations
  • computer science in sports


Publications are listed here or on my Google Scholar profile.