Monika Juhasz

Dipl.-Wirtsch. Inf. Research Assistant

Coordinates: A5, B102

Phone: +49 621 / 181 - 3573

E-Mail: monika DOT juhasz AT informatik DOT uni-mannheim DOT de


HS 2007 - Seminar (Topic: User Interface Design Methods)


ECOMODIS - Efficient Component-Based Development of Dependable Computing  Systems


Book Chapters:

  • C. Atkinson, D. Brenner, P. Bostan, G. Falcone, M. Gutheil, O. Hummel, M. Juhasz and D. Stoll: "Modeling Components and Component-Based Systems in KobrA", to appear in A. Rausch, R. Reussner, R. Mirandola, F. Plasil (eds.): "The Common Component Modeling Example: Comparing Software Component Models", Springer.