CS 669 – Design of Reliable and Dependable Systems

The course provides an overview on System analysis, modelling and design methodologies related to the development of dependable computer-controlled systems. The focus is set on fundamental modelling using formal system descriptions for hardware and software systems and their interaction with the human user. Besides the theoretical treatment of fault modeling with classes of discrete events system descriptions such as Petri-Nets or Markov state space, the safety related behavior is explained utilizing dynamical systems modelling principles and concepts.

Throughout the lecture and the exercises, illustrative examples from safety-critical and business-critical areas such as avionics, mobile robotics and bank transfer systems demonstrate the design procedure. After the course, the participants will be able to understand und to describe the basic properties of reliable and dependable systems, to utilized problem specific modelling methods to describe different kind of systems, and to apply methods and techniques for the design and realization of reliable and dependable system.



Language: English Sheets, German or English Presentation

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: oral exam

Applicable for the Specialization Tracks  “Information Technology”, “Software Engineering”, and “Systems Design and Development”