Welcome to the Chair of Software Engineering

Research Overview

The Chair of Software Engineering at the University of Mannheim focuses on the development of next-generation software methods and tools for the sustainable engineering of dependable software-based systems. Our emphasis is on integrating diverse software engineering paradigms at a fundamental level, with a special focus on model-driven development, component and service-based architectures and software reuse.

The Chair of Software Engineering is concerned with the following research topics:

Research Cooperation and Projects

We have a strong international collaboration with globally positioned institutions like HP Laboratories, Create-Net, Freemind, Inria, gasNatural Fenosa, ENEA, CSUC, University of Passau, and University of Dresden. We currently participate in a major third-party project funded by the European Union - DC4Cities. DC4Cities aims to achieve the optimal energy source usage in urban eco-friendly data centres, through a unified management of computational workload and characterization of available energy. In addition we are involved in the Institute for Enterprise Systems and participate in the Commit Initiative.


Teaching Overview

We offer regular courses for bachelor and master students related to the topic of Software Engineering. It is also possible to write a bachelor or master thesis related to the research topics of our group. The following is the list of teaching offers for the Fall semester 2016: